Frequently Asked Questions

New to the track? We've got you covered! Check out these FAQs to plan your perfect day, or contact us for personalized assistance. Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled day you won't forget!

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Can we ride in the pits?

No pit riding, please. This is something that can seriously injure someone.

What equipment is required to ride the track?

Anyone who will be riding the track will be required to wear a minimum DOT mx helmet, goggles and mx riding boots. No cowboy or work boots. Quads are also required to have a tether and nerf bars (Quads are certain days only).

Chest protectors and neck braces are recommended but not required.

What does it cost to ride?

At a minimum a $40 1-day membership and ride pass is required per rider. We also offer a 1-year membership and ride pass for $70 to get started. When you buy the 1-year membership your rides only cost $30 each time. We also offer package deals and a Season Pass is available too.

Can I pay at the track?

Yes you can, however, online registration is recommended. You can avoid lines at sign up. Just make sure you provide enough time for us to ship you your membership and ride passes. 4 days before the weekend is best (Tuesday).

When is the track open?

We are open every other weekend and some holidays. Check our schedule for specific days.

Are ATVs allowed to ride the track?

Yes, we plan to have specific riding days for quads. Check our schedule.

Are there going to be jumps?

Yes, we built table tops, step-ups, step-downs, doubles, rollers and berms.

Will there be concessions?

Yes, we plan on having food trucks on ride days. Check our schedule for which food truck will be available.

Can I bring my drone?

No, we do not want to be responsible for the drone, any damage it may create or any injury it might inflict on a rider.

Please feel free to take any pictures or videos from your phone or camera.

Can I take pictures on the track?

Yes, but only if you ask permission to and wear a safety vest (Example: Hi Viz Yellow).